Regional Reps

 Welcome and thank you for all the work you do for the IDA.  As a Regional Rep, you are vital to the operations of the IDA.  This page is organized with all the tools you need to make your job easier.

The  Bylaws 2014-15 clarify how the organization is run. The Rules and Standards outline rules for regional and national competitions, qualifying for nationals, how to handle violations, etc.

Here you will find the printable version of the Role of the Regional Representative document - the info. also appears below.

The forms that will make your job easier include:

Show Dues Collection Form in a Word doc.


Role of the Regional Representative

Thank you for volunteering your time and expertise to IDA. The student members rely on your leadership to provide a fun and fair environment for competitive team dressage. This document is designed to serve as a quick reference, refer to the current rules for specific details.

Summary of Regional Representatives Responsibilities

1. Manage a regional bank account.
2. Use the membership site to ensure all colleges and individual members have paid PRIOR to participation in an IDA show, and that all riders are correctly classified.
3. Develop the show calendar for your region, post dates on Google Calendar and send to IDA President and Secretary
4. Track regional points or appoint a points Secretary; collect show dues from host colleges and submit the National portion to the National Secretary.
5. Appoint/elect a representative from your region to serve on the Rules Committee.
6. Participate in Board teleconferences and travel to the National Competition and Annual Board meeting.
7. Communicate important dates, rule changes and other information to your region.
8. Submit a copy of your regional bank statement to the Treasurer at the end of each calendar year (showing the balance Dec. 31st).


More Specific Information

1. Managing a regional bank account.
Each region maintains a bank account. This account is used to collect show dues and forward the national portion onto the treasurer.

2 Use of Membership Site
Each school must initially join IDA before their individual members can join. As each school completes their membership they will send their membership fees to the National Secretary/Treasurer. This is due 2 weeks before the first show they wish to participate in. The National Secretary/Treasurer needs time to activate and process these memberships. Paypal has been added as a payment option for members to use, but again last minute submissions may not be processed in time for an upcoming show – hence the 2 week window.

• Supporting School $200 – includes membership for school representative who CANNOT be a student they must be an employee of the school.
• Participating School $100 (2 shows or less, not eligible for Nationals)
• Individual membership $30

Online Forms
All riders must complete the Assumption of Risk Agreement which is to be collected by the regional rep. and kept on file (just the signed last page for every student)

Additional printable forms from the website include;

• Team membership
• Individual membership
• Classification for new students or classification statement for returning students
• Academic eligibility form signed by school official.

Each Rep. can decide which forms they which to collect from their region.

3 Shows
Send show dates by Sept 1st for the fall and Jan. 15th for the spring but no later than 6 weeks before the first show whichever comes first;
• IDA President - Beth Beukema]
• IDA Secretary - Jackie Dwelle
• Post on Google calendar

Additional liability insurance for horse shows maybe requested from IDA at no cost to the hosting school. Show dates and named insured must be sent to Beth Beukema at least six weeks prior to the show date. A request for insurance form will need to be filled out.

4 shows count for Nationals qualification. (To qualify for Nationals a region must have at least 3 competing teams, 24 individual members and 3 shows with a minimum of 3 teams competing at each show. Qualifying for Nationals is covered in the rules in section 12.)

Entries for regional shows must be sent to the show secretary and to the regional rep. In the event that shows are over subscribed the regional rep. will administer a fair rotation of hosting schools for second team slots and determine which schools receive individual slots.

RESULTS – Post your results on our facebook page with pictures. We are looking into an easy way for results to be posted on the website.

4. Regional Points & Show Dues
Regional reps. must either track the region’s points or appoint a points secretary. Points should be sent out to regional members after each show with a date (usually 1 week after points are posted) that the points become final. Any errors in scoring or points must be corrected before this date.

Entry fees are $120 per a team (4 riders) and $30 for each individual. Regions may elect by a regional vote to increase fees up to $160 per team to cover show costs.

Show dues: Hosting colleges are required to submit $32 for each competing team and $8 for each individual to their regional representative. The regional representative will send $24 for each competing team and $6 for each individual to the National Secretary. Ideally show dues should be sent to the National Secretary within 30 days. The remaining funds stay in the region and maybe used for year end awards, contribution to National Championships or anything else the region agrees upon. (See form at end of this document for show dues summary.)

5. Rules Committee Representative
Each region should elect/appoint someone to serve on the Rules Committee. The rules committee meets 3 or 4 times a year by teleconference. Issues that may require a change in the rules during the competitive season are discussed and possible changes to the rules prepared for the Board to consider at the annual meeting. Ideally, the person serving on the rules committee should not be the Regional Representative. Brigette Boland is the Chair of the Rules Committee

6. Board Meetings
The IDA Board meets several times a year via teleconference and then once a year at the National competition. Board members are expected to attend meetings whenever possible, input from every region is valuable and helps the organization grow. Funds are available to assist with travel to Nationals if needed.

7. Keeping Your Region Informed
• You are responsible for making sure your region is in compliance with IDA rules.
• IDA Assistance Grants are designed to help new teams get started or to help students with show/travel expenses. Deadline for grant requests are Oct 15th and March 15th. Grant applications should be sent to Lisa Terry 
• Year end awards include Cover Art Contest, Coach of the Year, and Team Sportsmanship. The winners are awarded at the National Competition each year, encourage your region to participate by nominating their membership.

8. Tax Documents
At the end of the calendar year you will need to send a copy of your bank statement showing the balance as of Dec 31st. This may be sent via snail mail, email or fax.

Thank you for your service to IDA – the organization would not exist without you!


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